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Everett James , Lifestyle Newborn

April 6, 2024

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I met Amanda and Jared when they were searching for an engagement and wedding photographer, and I am SO lucky to know these two (now three!) wonderful people. They welcomed us with open arms, as well as their families, and always treat our team with the utmost kindness. Every time we work together I truly enjoy every minute; at the heart of it all, I LOVE capturing relationships, and man do these two have a beautiful one. I’m beyond privileged to have a career that brings me such fulfillment… I could go on forever.

Being 100% honest, one week old Everett was a VERY cooperative subject! Why am I surprised?? It helps that my lifestyle approach means that I come out to your home with a flexible timeframe- so little man got to have a lunch break and stick to his normal routine. Other than Miss Alyssa interrupting nap time!

I’ve always known you two would be amazing parents, congratulations!!

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