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Whitney, Jared, & Molly | Deep Ellum Dallas | Family Session

October 4, 2019

I’m excited to blog this shoot just in time for Whitney’s favorite holiday- Halloween! Whitney & Jared have a great style that really pops in Deep Ellum’s urban backdrop.

This shoot was a total WIN! Whitney’s glamor shots came out amazing and my niece, Molly, will FINALLY allow me to take her photo! For years she’s hated the idea of the camera, but now… it’s playtime when the camera is out! We’re lucky enough to have a close friendship with Josh’s brother, Jared, and sister-in-law, Whitney. Here’s a little bit about their family:

Introduce yourself!
Hi, I’m Whitney! I’m a hairstylist and business owner, a free spirit, a mom, and a friend to all I encounter. I also have the absolute pleasure of working with Alyssa Grace Photography. You may see me taking pictures, doing hair and makeup, acting like a fool to get your kiddos to smile for the camera, or doing just about anything Alyssa might need!

Describe your family 
CRAZY! My husband, my three-year-old daughter, Molly and I are always playing and laughing together. We also have a wild, loud extended family that we love to spend time with!

What’s your favorite way to spend time together? 
We love to thrift shop! I’m always on the hunt for hidden treasures, and my husband and I love to revamp old furniture and give them new life(Molly’s pretty handy with a paintbrush, too!) If we’re not working on projects we’re usually cooking, dancing around the kitchen, or playing board games as a family.

What’s something that you’re looking forward to?
I can’t wait to continue learning and honing my photography skills. I also have big dreams of opening my own salon in the near future.

Describe your business and why you love it?
I. LOVE. HAIR. I am a color theory and chemistry nerd, so I absolutely adore the complexities of manipulating products and hair to help my clients achieve the hair of their dreams. I also specialize in vivid hair color, so I literally get to make rainbows all day. How fun is that?!

How do you like to use your “boss babe headshots”?
I love to use them for branding on my social media accounts! I also have one printed and hung near my vanity to remind myself every day to live my life confident and strong. I am so thankful to have photos that show my daughter that her mama is a strong, independent, successful woman who holds her head high.

How did you become active in photography? 
I have always been interested in photography, but getting to know Alyssa and watch her passion for her craft inspired me! I started playing around with a camera while at her house one day, and I was hooked!

Where can I find you?
I currently have a salon suite in Hurst, TX. You can look me up on Facebook at Creative Mess Hair Design, or check me out in Instagram @creativemesshair